• Classes
        Your child will switch 9 times a day and have 4 core classes: Language Arts(LA), Math, Science & Social Studies(SS) in which they will    receive a number grade.

  • Locker Locks
        DIS recommends the traditional Master Lock pictured above.  Other locks do not fit or are difficult to remove.

  • Parents Stay Connected
    You can sign up to receive the DIS PTO Posts, a once a week e-newsletter CLICK HERE

  • Contacting Teachers
    Most teachers are easily accessible by e-mail and will answer all questions or concerns within 24 hours.

  • Grades
    Initially check Skyward Family Access several times a week to see if your child is turning in his/her assignments.  You can easily identify their weak subjects by regularly checking his/her's recorded grades.   CLICK HERE
    Parents will not be able to view your student's grades on Skyward, if a student has an overdue library book or an outstanding lunch balance. Parents will only receive one paper report card at the end of the year. Parents are expected to view each 9 weeks grades on Skyward Family Access

  • Teacher Conferences
    If you would like to speak to your child's teacher you MUST e-mail the teacher for an appointment time during school hours. You cannot see the teacher prior to the school day. Entire team meetings can be arranged giving you the opportunity to talk with all of your student's core teachers.

  • Teacher Websites
    Each teacher has a website page they are required to maintain and keep updated. Bookmark your teachers' websites and periodically check when homework and projects are due.

  • Extended Day
    The school offer "Extended Hours" on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is a great time for students to complete a majority of their homework in a quiet environment with a teacher in each subject to assist with assignments. Pick up is in front of the school at 4:45pm.

  • Gym Shoes
    It is wise for your child to keep a pair of gym shoes/sneakers in their locker.

  • Extracurricular Activities
    Hesitate to get involved in too many activities at the beginning of the year. Let the new schedule settle before making commitments. Your child will have many extracurricular and in-school opportunities.

  • Daily Classroom Supplies
    Each teacher has a bulletin or white board outside their classroom listing what their child is expected to bring to class that day. Students MUST review the board and return to their lockers for the needed materials.

  • Dress Code
    Girls will be asked to change clothes if they wear shorts that do not come down to their fingertips or halter tops that have straps less than 3 fingers wide. The nurse has a lovely collection of lost and found items for students to change into if their clothing does not meet the district wide dress code.

  • Celebrating Birthdays
    Carroll ISD is an Allergy Aware District.  The goal of Health Services is to protect the health and safety of all students while at school.  Due to an increase in food allergies, undiagnosed food allergies, food intolerances, diabetes and cultural preferences, we are hopeful families will join and support our efforts to accommodate all students and become Allergy Aware.  We cannot guarantee an allergen free environment, but we can abide by the CISD Food Allergy Management plan to minimize unwanted exposure to food allergies and discourage sharing of foods to keep our Dragons safe.
    Carroll ISD restricts all peanuts and tree nuts from classrooms; this includes daily snacks, birthday celebrations and class parties.  All food items brought into school for classroom consumption must be coordinated by the classroom teacher, be store bought and have an ingredient label attached to the packaging.  Any label that states the following is NOT permitted in the classroom:
    “May contain peanuts or tree nuts”
     “Processed on shared equipment with nuts”
    “Manufactured in a plant containing  peanuts or tree nuts”
     “Contains peanuts or tree nut ingredients”
    For safe food options please visit  snacksafely.com. 

    Students  may bring a store bought birthday treat to their homeroom classroom to share with classmates during homeroom from 10:55 – 11:10. Donuts, cookies, muffins are great options. (Homeroom teachers kindly ask to be notified prior)

  • Decorating Lockers
    Don't stress or go overboard on the locker decor. The lockers fill up fast. The lockers can accommodate one shelf. The lockers must fit all their books, bags, coats and a pair of gym shoes.

  • Khan Academy
    Khan Academy is a free website that can aid students in learning a new subject, topic or lesson.  

  • Cell Phones and Electronics
    Students may have cell phones and other electronic devices in their possession at school. While on campus, cell phones are not permitted in general gathering areas. This includes the school gymnasium, cafeteria, hallways, lunch and recess. However, students are permitted the brief use of cell phones only in the immediate proximity of their academic locker to check possible messages from parents/guardians in between classes or in their classroom when permitted by their teacher. At times the teachers will require that students turn off electronic devices. Students found to be using electronic devices when prohibited, may be fined, disciplined and the device may be confiscated. Arrangements must be made with the parents to return the items. By law, all campuses may assess and collect a $15 fee on the device before releasing the item. Students may be subjected to disciplinary action in these cases. Board Policy FNCE (Local) 

  • Parent Tip
    Do you have a parent tip you think might be helpful to other parents?  Please share.